Testimonials (hail repair)

Hail event Gympie

We had a major hail storm here in Gympie in October. Our dealership had over 80 of our vehicles  damaged. We decided to hire a Dent Repair company to assist us in the repair of our vehicles. After interviewing several paintless dent repair companies, we hired Matt from DENTZ to repair our vehicles; and is currently still doing work. I have been at this dealership for 19 years and from My experiences  in the past, I was concerned about the condition of Our vehicles and who could be relied upon to repair them  back to their original condition

I initially gave Him 2 vehicles to repair to measure the result, after all every Paintless dent repairer is the "best of the best", and I was fed up with being over promised and undelivered from other repairers.

I would have to admit that I was impressed with the results straight away, not  just with the end result, but with the efficiency and the attention to detail. From the moment we handed over the keys, He knew exactly what to do. He immediately took on the full responsibility and focused solely upon achieving the perfect result.

Of all the vehicles worked on by DENTZ, not a single car required to be readdressed.

From Our experience the last few months, we would certainly recommend Matt from DENTZ and will be utilizing His skills again in the future.

John Madill Toyota